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Ski Season 2008 Begins November 23, 2008

Filed under: Skiing — Harold @ 2:41 pm

The first snowfall this week had some skiers out after the initial few centimetres while others waited until the Saturday storm was over. Ross escorted some guests around the Crooked Tree trail Saturday afternoon, with the obligatory stop at the tree for a photo.


The snow and wind left the forest blanketed with a good amount of the white stuff.


The trails that we had cleared this Fall were blocked by snow-draped hardwoods and drooping softwood boughs. Our intrepid crew (Cy, Roy, Ross & Harold) spent a couple of hours clearing the trail on Sunday morning so that everyone can get a few days of skiing before the warm weather returns later in the week.


2 Responses to “Ski Season 2008 Begins”

  1. Glad you found us online, David. Come by anytime and enjoy the skiing.

  2. David Watson Says:

    Thanks for hosting us in Sackville. We really enjoyed your town. The cross country ski was icing on the cake (-:

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