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Trail Conditions-1st Jan January 1, 2009

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 8:42 pm

Snowshoed to Doncaster pond( which by the way doesn’t look quite safe yet) on the Blue Trail. Some water and blown bare spots but should be fine with skiis. Just be careful at the last little creek before the pond-fine if you keep to the right. Will head to the cabin early a.m. If you are in that way Friday throw a few sticks on the fire if it’s still going.


One Response to “Trail Conditions-1st Jan”

  1. Doug Campbell Says:

    2 January.
    Maeve, Nanuq, Malcolm, Twix, Doug & Amanda broke about 4 km at the very top of Mt.View Road, with some help from a cooperative moose.
    The snow is good with few patches blown bare.

    Has anybody been skate-skiing on Silver Lake? It is looking decent.

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