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NewTrail NameSuggestions January 13, 2009

Filed under: Activities,Skiing — grothomas @ 11:22 pm

Crooked Creek Trail,    Twisted Creek Trail,  Hillside Meander,  Watergate Trail,  Reservoir View Trail(One of our Senior Members figures she won’t be able to keep straight two crookeds, or a crooked and a twisted, and that without the word Reservoir she will get even more lost, and insists that rules are to be broken, or so her kids tell her), Three Bridges/Trois Pont( though there is a sentiment that after the rains of November and all the frantic patching of December we may well be constructing more bridges…),Ogden Mill Brook Loop, Ogden Loop,Petite Tour Breau,  Petite Breau Tour


4 Responses to “NewTrail NameSuggestions”

  1. graham watt Says:

    Watergate suits me. I think it’s a great name, rather nixonian.

  2. Peter Higham Says:

    my suggestion is:
    Ogden Mill Brook Loop

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  4. peter Says:

    trail name:
    tres puentes
    ross auvoir (get it?)

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