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15thJanuary January 15, 2009

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 8:41 pm

 skied at Beech this am quite early. Unbelievable conditiions and for the most part trackset as if at the Turin Olympics. I used Swix Polar rubbed really smooth and it was fantastic. I did 6 laps around the road, continuing straight, going down the hill and back via the clearcut side. You could double pole a lot of it, and the glide was great. Also a very firm pole track. I came back in the afternoon and did the Blue twice. sort of wobbled on that little pitch as you can carry quite a few knots with these conditions and the hard track. I think the Trakor is a big success and it has actually turned little abused Beech Hill into a nordic skiing centre where you can knock off 15 or 20 kms, on your lunch hour, especially if you skate. I guess the rule for the ring road rtrack is dog walkers left, skaters centre and classics right. You could use blue klister (not a lot) in these conditions and it might last longer than a hard wax like Polar unless you put a binder under it. Very gritty and wax eroding snow.


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