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TOC Meeting 16th January, 2008 January 18, 2009

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Minutes Tantramar Outdoor Club 16th January, 2009

  1. Motion: To join Cross Country New Brunswick and avail ourselves of their liability insurance coverage for directors. Moved by Sandy Burnett, seconded by Roy Pierog. Passed unanimously

  1. Trail Grooming Discussion: Graham Watt thinks the new $4000 groomer recently purchased by the town does a super job of track setting and should be able to rework some types of old/hard snow. There was consensus that grooming should take place within 24 hours of any significant snowfall and likely at least once a week to freshen up tracks. Ross, Ian, Sandy and Peter will try to communicate this to Todd at the next Parks Advisory meeting, proceeded of course by our satisfaction at the newly set tracks. Graham Watt has sent a letter congratulating council on their wise decision to promote exercise. Ian Dennis and Paul Chamberland were appointed to the “acquiring a snowmobile for grooming ski trails committee. They will decide the chair and report to our next meeting. It was felt despite our longstanding disgruntlement with the frequency of grooming that we should try to work with the Town for the remainder of this season to improve things, whilst the aforementioned committee explores other options. There was also considerable discussion on the Town’s not ploughing the paved loop in BeechHill which apparently has created some disgruntlement among dogwalkers. We figure if the trails are groomed regularly there should be a nice firm base which will be great for walkers and skate skiers.

  1. Financial/Membership report: Kate Bredin reported that there were now 70 members and close to $1000 in revenue. Expenses are Close to $500 for signs, nails, and wood for the new trail (see below). Kate will try to keep separate spread sheets for TOC money and “Sackville Athletics” money, the later which is used to fund the Triathlon and Dave McAulay 5 K Folly.

  1. Evening Skis started this past Monday and plans are for them to continue-meeting at 6:45 p.m. at the Reservoir Gate.

  1. New Trail is skiable thanks to many hours of toil by various members over the fall. There are still some wet areas, ups and downs and tortuosity which hopefully will be addressed if that darned snow ever melts. After a heated discussion and an exciting second round of voting the new trail has been christened the Twisted Creek Trail, in order to tie it to the Crooked Tree Trail and keep our senior skiers confused and guessing.

  1. Upcoming events: There will be a weekend afternoon family ski sometime in the next few weeks. Sackville’s winterfest is on the weekend of February 6-8th. There will be a chance for interested folk to have a go at cross country skiing, likely on the Saturday afternoon. Club members are encouraged to come along to help out or join the ski. We decided due to lack of interest not to do the waxing clinic but to concentrate instead on technique tips and helping people get their skis on.

The meeting ended amiably enough with some keeners expressing keen disappointment at the absence of the longed for lecture by C. Leblanc. Something to look forward to next month….

Ross Thomas, Recording secretary


One Response to “TOC Meeting 16th January, 2008”

  1. Tom Clair Says:

    Whoever went out and groomed the trail this Sunday morning (Feb. 1), thank you! It was a perfect way to spend an hour under almost perfect conditions. Tom Clair and Cathy Baker

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