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Conditions on Monday, Feb 2, 2009 February 2, 2009

Filed under: Ski Conditions,Skiing — Harold @ 1:43 pm

From Sandy Burnett:

Just got in from an hour of peak skiing. Followed tracks about half-way round Twisted Creek (aka Watergate!) till I reached the point where the trailblazers had given up on the labor of breaking crust. I had no more ambition for it than they did and followed their example by taking the short cut back to the woods road (newly groomed for snowmobiles and fabulous for skate skiing) and across to the TCH service road and a bit of the Blue North before cutting back to the Crooked Tree circuit and out.

Conditions were ideal. Brett Beale has done an outstanding job in widening the trail in a few places to make room for the new groomer and trail setter. What a difference! Hats off to Graham Watt, Ross Thomas, Harold Jarche, Peter Manchester and everyone else who lent their support to the Town’s purchase of the new equipment, and to Brett for his initiative in using it effectively to make our skiing sooo much better than in previous years.


One Response to “Conditions on Monday, Feb 2, 2009”

  1. Ross Thomas Says:

    If we can straighten out a few kinks and do a bit of ditching on the TCT then hopefully Brett will be able to groom this one next year as well. In the meantime where is Uncle Roy and why isn’t he breaking that trail for us???

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