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5th February, 2009 February 5, 2009

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 10:55 pm

Conditions remain great. Both Beech Hill and CTT are trackset. Blue Trail is broken to Roddy’s cabin , across to Petrie’s Folly and part way up the Yellow. Twisted Creek Trail is broken by this lone skier(although Sandy and an unidentified skier had been up the hill and across to the skidoo trail before the last snow). Today I went clockwise across the bridges as far as the middle path on the long hill with snow shoes so there is a good track .


2 Responses to “5th February, 2009”

  1. Ross Thomas Says:

    There is a map and I will attach it if I can-otherwise email me at massarel@nbnet.nb.ca and I’ll send it along.Ross

  2. Trish Edwards Says:

    Hi gang,

    Nice site. A seasoned X-countryer I’m not but was out on the Reservoir/Twisted trails for, yes, the first time on Saturday…beautiful! Are there maps of both the Reservoir trails and the Beachill trails?…I’m a little bit confused as to where they all go!

    Thanks so much!

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