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10th February, 2009 February 10, 2009

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 1:55 pm

Ski doo and ATV trails groomed. Bit choppy but enough purchase to skate. CTT has not been groomed as of 1130. Twisted creek is quite fast,especially coming down pinball hill,  as would be CTT and the blue system. Step/waxless skis or klister would work well as would a set of brakes. Any untrodden sheltered snow woould make fine skiing with blue wax. I would suggest King street, at the bottom across from the first white house after Purdy’s hill-maybe will check it out under the moonlight.


One Response to “10th February, 2009”

  1. peter Says:

    Just skied Beech H. Skating on the loop is rough but doable. The back trails are very good. Windblown fields are a bit rough. All in all still holding in very well as of 1pm Wed. If you are skating, tie in the sledding loop on the field. The Skidoo trail on the back stretch is excellent and recently groomed for skating. I went around clockwise and skated up to Mount View, trails back.

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