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Meeting Minutes 21 feb,2009 March 4, 2009

Filed under: Administration — grothomas @ 10:27 pm


  1. Proposal to erect a warming hut on the Crooked Tree Trail, likely close to the second bridge (LeanToo). Cy, Peter M, Ross and several others on building committee. We do have permission from the Town and Planning Commission to proceed. We are looking at a 12’ x 16’ footprint with no foundation or bathroom but with the intent to install a wood burning warming device. We briefly discussed funding for this. The cost will likely be $2000 to $3500 depending on how cheap we can get materials, especially windows, doors, roofing and stove costs. Kate Bredin and Harold Jarche will look into grants for trail building including a warming shed.
  2. Members were reminded that Peter Manchester(that would be el Prresidente himself) has updated maps and they are posted on the website under ….”maps”. If you get lost Peter said to call Shelagh…
  3. There was a grooming committee meeting-the minutes are on the website-I think under “Administration”
  4. There was likely other chatter but I can’t recall anything earth shattering. The meeting ended with pledges of future sobriety and plans for skiing the next day.


Respectfully, Ross Thomas,scribe



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