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Sydney’s Cross-Canada Ride September 7, 2009

Filed under: Cycling — Harold @ 9:10 pm

Sydney Bliss is riding across the country. Diane has joined her for the final leg of the trip and you can see where they are by going to this SPOT page.


6 Responses to “Sydney’s Cross-Canada Ride”

  1. Maurice (next door) Says:

    Incredible Sydney, well done. Many people say they’re gonna do it, hardly anybody actually does it. You do realize, though, that to complete your tour you should really go on to St John’s …

  2. Doug Says:

    It’s ARRIVAL. The crew is expected to arrive back in town between 1 and 2 pm. It’s Day 78 and Sydney has travelled about 5,900 km.

  3. Doug Bliss Says:

    Sept 13 Update:
    Sydney and Diane progressing through the hilly Saint John River valley. Taking a rest day today around Kingsclear. Likely arrival in Sackville Thursday or Friday.

  4. Judi McLellan Says:

    Hey there!
    Great job Sydney!! Nice that you started with your Dad and are ending it with your Mom!! This is what memories are made of!!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Sackville!!

  5. Mona Meldrum Says:

    Well done both of you!!

    We’ll continue to watch your progress with great anticipation of your arrival to the flat land.

  6. Jane Green Says:

    Wow! Sydney is my hero. She has accomplished what she set out to do in spite of many many doubters Many young people have dreams that prove too difficult to accomplish, but Sydney has persevered through good times and bad and come away with a renewed faith in her fellow man that is a joy to behold. You have inspired me, Sydney.
    I would say this even if I weren’t your grandmother. You keep on doing what you know is right.

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