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Joggins Cycling Tour September 16, 2009

Filed under: Activities,Cycling — Harold @ 9:44 am

Melissa Grey is the newly appointed Science & Education Coordinator at the Joggins Fossil Centre. Following some discussions on our Sunday morning rides, Melissa has been looking into routes for biking to Joggins this Fall. The Centre closes at the end of October.

Melissa usually goes straight from Maccan (there’s a fairly large pull out just before the #242 to park cars) to Joggins – a 19km ride one-way. Most of the road is freshly paved and nice to ride. Longer rides from Maccan could include Lower Maccan – River Hebert – Minudie – Joggins (about 44km 1 way) or Maccan – River Hebert – Minudie – Joggins (38km 1 way). There are lots of options. Going through Minudie would be lovely.


So, if a group of cyclists would like to stop in at the Centre, they have toilets, a cafe, and a water fountain. Melissa can also coordinate a special group rate ($5 per person) to people who’d like to check out the gallery. The scenery is really quite lovely here and they have picnic tables outside for people to use and enjoy the view.

If you’re interested in doing a group either to Joggins, Sackville-Joggins return, or a ride from and returning to the Centre, please add your comments below. Put in your preferred dates or day of the week.


8 Responses to “Joggins Cycling Tour”

  1. chris Says:

    melissa I would be up for any group rides you are coordinating. thanks!

  2. Sackville to Joggins is about 50 km direct or 70 km via Minudie. Could be a good ride out, a meal & a tour and then return by car if we can arrange sag wagons. Those who want shorter rides could drive out and cycle a 30 km loop of Joggins, Minudie, River Hiebert, rtn.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I don’t own a cell, but as far as I can gather there is spotty cell coverage both along the route and in Joggins (and apparently Aliant works better than Rogers here!).

  4. Gerard MacDonald Says:

    27th looks good to me as well. Melissa is there any cell phone coverage in Joggins area? I’m on call but pager range fine.

  5. 27th works for me too, as well as most Sundays (my boss gives me the day off)

  6. Cy Bernard Says:

    Hi all:
    A great idea to cycle this area but unfortunately on the 27th we will be in Shelburne. The 20th would be OK but don’t wait on me. We return from the South Shore after Thanksgiving.

  7. Suzie Says:

    The 27th works for me.

  8. Ian Says:

    Sun 27th Sept?

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