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StoveCrew December 24, 2009

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4 Responses to “StoveCrew”

  1. Joyce Creighton Says:

    Thanks for your reply. We found the maps and had a great ski on Jan 1 on Twisted creek and Crooked tree trails. We are hoping to get out again today. I went for a short ski after dark yesterday on open fields in Amherst. The conditions were great (like Spring conditions), better where there were no tracks as you could glide anywhere with minimal sinking. Joyce

  2. Ross Thomas Says:

    Joyce, Reservoir Trail I think is referring to what has “officially” (i.e. via a heated debate and extensive polling at one of our Potlucks) been called the Twisted Creek Trail-Park by the Reservoir Gate and pop down the the wee decline to the west and you’ll see the signs and maybe even a ski track. Ross

  3. Joyce Creighton Says:

    Where is Reservoir trail?

  4. Doug Says:

    Dec 30 1100h
    Cold and windy but great! Broke Crooked Tree trail and the short loop of reservoir trail. Whoevery is going to Reservoir trail bring a saw to clip a number of young deciduous trees who have decided to bend over the trail.

    Snow is a bit dense since it is wind driven but with a few more people on the track things will be good.

    Green wax day.

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