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8th January,2010 January 8, 2010

Filed under: Activities — grothomas @ 6:07 pm

There will be a family “ski” from noon until 2 p.m. at the Crooked Tree Trail. Stop in to the cabin for lunch. Tomorrow, Saturday, the 9th of January.

Ski conditions unfortunately are pretty dodgey. My suggestion would be either to walk-the CTT has been track set and there is a firm walking track on either side of the ski track- or if you want to ski, the Access Road is pretty good(as is anywhere where no one has already skied). It has not been plowed and there have been a few skidoos by making a fairly good track with good traction, and traction is something you won’t find on the CTT, even with waxless skis, tho klister would work fine if you have it. The wind will be gusty and in your face heading along the Access Rd toward the TC Hiway so wear windproof stuff. To Park: go past the Reservoir Gate to the top of the first hill and park by the first road on your Right.  You cross the Ski trail to the cabin about 300 meters after you start. Any signage on the cabin exterior is not sponsored by me.

            Hope to see you out. Bring a cup for hot chocolate.  Ross


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