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Munutes Directors Meeting-8thJan,2010 January 11, 2010

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Tantramar Outdoor Club-Directors’ Annual Meeting

                        8th January,2010

Ross Thomas,Peter Higham. Peter Manchester,KAte Bredin, Graham Watt

1.Town Grant-asked for $1000-? Not received yet. Peter and Kate will look into grant from Renaissance Sackville for $2000-$3000. Ross will sort out if cheque received yet.

Kate and PeterM


2.Hut expenses-so far a little over $4,000. $2,500 from TOC bank account of which ~$800 is from membership and the rest a grant from the Triathlon Fund.

            It was agreed to ask those able to to pay a one time sustaining fee of $100 per family or $40 per individual which would include membership for 2010.

            Otherwise it was agreed regular membership would be $5 per individual.

3.It was agreed to again join Cross Country NB which gives us liability insurance. Ross


4. Potluck will be either the 15th or 23rd, depending on hall availability-Kate will check with Rob S-M

5.Family Ski tomorrow from 12 – 2 p.m. with lunch at the cabin.

6. Ross will check with Susan K-R re interest in moonlight skis.

7.PeterM will check with the Town about putting a link on the Town website to the TOC site and the facebook group. He will also look at letting the SAC know about the links, ?via the Outing Club(mcgalex@mta.ca) or as a link on the Athletics Dept website.

8.Trail names-Graham had suggested changing names at Beech Hill Park to people’s names with Sackville connections( you know like Watt, McTavish etc.). We will decide this hopefully at the next potluck.

            We also agreed that pending approval of the masses we would change the Twisted Creek Trail to the Ogden Mill Loop. This is a little less confusing and Geographically correct.

9.We may need to put signage up about asking people to refrain from bringing dogs on groomed or broken ski trails-i.e. BHP, CTT,OML, and the Blue trail system. Ross will put a note in an email and suggest Doug Campbell could act as a resource on places to ski with dogs.  Ross

            Peter will check again with Blaise about getting small(15” x 15”) ski maps to put at intersections of the trails at the Reservoir and BHP.

10.We will try to post info at the cabin about how to start the fire, control the damper, not to lock the door and perhaps a few aphorisms. Graham wondered about having a student there on weekends to tend the fire. He offered to buy the colt 45 and a little extra to smoke with it. We decided this likely wasn’t practical. Ross

11.Peter claims he has a sign to put on the cabin. Graham wanted another naming contest. The signage is not authorized.

                        The meeting ended peacefully.


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