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TOC Potluck-This Friday, 15th Jan,2010 January 11, 2010

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St Anne’s Church Hall, Westcock; This Friday, 15th January, starting at 6:00 p.m. aiming to eat by 6:30p.m. Bring something for you and yours and a few bucks for rental of the Hall.

            Brief meeting to follow to discuss fallout from annual directors meeting(minutes at http://tantramaroutdoorclub.com/category/administration/ ).

In particular we suggested changing membership fees, this year only,  to help defray the cost of cabin construction(~$4,200= $800 from last year’s membership, $1,700 grant from the triathlon fund $200 owed P. Manchester, $30 owed Roy Pierog and $1500 owed R. Thomas). Our proposal was to ask sustaining members to pay $100 per family or $40 individually while keeping regular membership @ $5 per individual. (The alternate suggestion was to offer repayable bonds of $100, no interest, and try to sell 18 of them). We are checking into funding from Renaissance Sackville

Secondly we would like to change some ski trail names. We thought giving local names to the Beech Hill trails, rather than red and blue would be better. Bring suggestions to meeting or email me.  And there was general dissatisfaction and confusion with the Twisted Creek Trail name so we propose Ogden Brook Loop.

Thirdly it was agreed that we should strongly discourage the taking of dogs on groomed or tracked cross country ski trails. This includes the Crooked Tree Trail, Ogden Brook Loop, Beech Hill Trails and the Blue Trail system. There are lots of other areas to ski-see Doug Campbell’s post under Skijoring on the website     http://tantramaroutdoorclub.com/category/uncategorized/skiing-with-dogsskijoring/   or contact Doug dcampbell@mta.ca for more info on where to ski with dogs.

We would be happy to discuss this at the meeting but the consensus of the directors was that beings walking on the trail make bumps negating the work of the trail breakers.

            Also as most of you know the ski hut is more or less complete. Thank you very much to Lid and Marilyn Haugen-Strand, Tony Massarelli and Sharon and Doyle Hache who all offered stoves. We ended up using Doyle’s because Peter got to it first. Doug, Peter and I hauled it in on the snow on the homemade sled(now behind the wood shed if you are interested). It also makes a great groomer but it is too hard to get the stove out of the cabin now (needed for weight), and it’s a tad heavy to pull. The “key” to the stove is on the floor under the stove where it should stay as it gets quite hot. There are two draft controls at the back/top of the stove-counter clockwise to open and let in more air for starting fires and increasing heat/clockwise to dampen things down as in late afternoon/too hot. Wood in wood shed is a bit damp so if you are energetic bring a few pieces in when you come. There is a splitting maul in the wood shed behind the wood on the left, and an axe for splitting kindling on beam under the hut to the right of the door. Matches are in the center beam above the Summerby Murray windows.

            There are keys to the door-one under the deck under the door and the other on the outside back wall behind the cabin. Please, though, do not lock the door.

            There are also a few brooms and shovels-feel free to use them.

            As you may have figured out there is no toilet or outhouse. If you or yours have the need to use a toilet the unofficial pee area is up behind the wood shed-just look for the yellow snow paint.

            Finally a huge thank you to the dozens of people who lugged, hammered, sawed and encouraged the building of the ski hut.(It has an unofficial name, which has escaped me, my German being weak, but the sign, by an infamous local artiste, is quite classy)

            See you this Friday night, Ross


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