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Thursday Evening Leisurely Rides May 4, 2010

Filed under: Activities,Cycling — Harold @ 9:06 pm

A number of people have expressed interest to get together to bike at a leisurely speed for about an hour ride. The idea is, if you are available on any Thursday, come and join the gang. All welcome. Whoever is there at the starting time, bikes together. No commitment, no sending regrets; just show up.

Susan K-R (the organizer) will not be biking on any week that is raining.

Some people made no comment about the suggested 6 pm start; some wanted earlier; some later. And some suggested drinks at Bridge after. So, for the first week, Susan suggests a later start and we will see how that works.

Meet at Bridge Street Café at 6:45 pm. If good weather, first time out will be Thursday, May 6.

A number of people have some good ideas on what to call this Thursday biking habit – maybe we can decide that after the bike ride on Thursday. So, if you cannot bike Thursday but want to help pick a name, join us at the café after the ride.

If you know of anyone that wants to bike and does not have a bike, put the word out – there are probably second hand bikes around for sale.

See you Thursday at 6:45


4 Responses to “Thursday Evening Leisurely Rides”

  1. Guy Says:

    I have 2 road bikes which I do not ride much (I normally ride a hybird bike), they are both old, but in reasonable condition. If you want to borrow one, just email me. If you want to buy it after you try it, that is fine, too.
    My email is guy(dot)chen(dot)sn(at)gmail(dot)com.

    BTW, I went to the Bridge Street Café at 6:45 pm Thursday several times, and can’t find you people there… Is the time still 6:45?

  2. Sorry about the typos. I mean’t to say does anyone have a road bike that I can borrow for Thursdays bike ride or does anyone have a road bike for sale?

  3. I would love to come along for a ride. Unfortunately, I only have a mountain bike. Any one have one that I can borrow for the ride this Thursday? I would also like to look into buying a second road bike. Any up for sale?

  4. Guy Says:

    Sound great.

    In case any one need to borrow a bike for that, I can get at least one, maybe 3.

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