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28 March,2011 March 28, 2011

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 8:37 am

Great skiing on skido trail from King St crosssing((~ 1 km past Purdy’s Hill)  up to Blue Sign and left to Walker Rd-untracked snow up into quarry,then onto Yellow tracked by KAte and KAren and zoom zoom.  Fro there up ATV trail to shelter then on to Woodhurst Rd almost with a lovely descent on the last section through the woods. Should be good conditions for at least another week tho with warmer temps later this week will get sloppy in the afternoons.


One Response to “28 March,2011”

  1. paul jensen Says:

    I’ve skied parts of this route, but never put it together quite like this. In a winter of countless “great” skis, this was perhaps the most enjoyable. For March 30, there is still 2-3 feet of snow on these trails. I’m looking forward to the most extended ski season since I came to Sackville 21 years ago.

    Paul Jensen

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