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17 February PotLuck Supper & Meeting February 18, 2012

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Friday 17 February members enjoyed a potluck supper at St. Anne’s Church in British Settlement.

New initiatives:

1. Ross Thomas led discussion on purchasing a Skandic 4-stroke trail groomer.   Vroom.  Vroom.

The club voted in favour of authorizing the trail committee and the finance committee to move forward on this purchase, subject to feasibility and availability of finances from club sources, from provincial sources and possible from loans/bonds from members able to contribute, with payback from later revenues.

The ATV club groomer is broken and its future is unknown.  The snowmobile club groomer molds curved ruts into their trails.

Vroom.   Vroom.

2. Pat Hayes has expertise in trail grooming and agrees to host the groomer at his place on Mahoney Rd. from where he has direct access to the Beech Hill, Crooked Tree & Blue North networks.  Pat is also interested in grooming trails for skiing with dogs, but those operating costs would be financed separately from the club ski trails (if I understood correctly).

3.  Cy Bernard proposed naming the snowshoe trail the ‘BlueRibbon Snowshoe Trail’.  Motion carried.

4. Doug Campbell agreed to assist with administration of the website.

First Action:  A new comments page for Trail Updates.  Anyone is welcome to post.  Your first post must be approved by an admin (to limit spammers); after that, you can post freely.

Please post trail updates – the club members appreciate status information, particularly since conditions are so variable.

5. Pat Hayes will smake a sign welcoming dog walkers to the Ogden Creek trail that is open to them.

The club will continue to encourage dog walkers/skiers not to take dogs on the Crooked Tree & Blue North systems.  Beech Hill rules are not under our purview, but the club does not object to dog skiers in Beech Hill.

6. Susan Kastruk-Ridlington (sp.?) led discussion of future events.

Amanda Cockshutt moved for a potluck during the November 2012 wretched mud season.  Motion carried.

Maeve Cockshutt moved for an event with access to swimming & a picnic in the summer; prior to the Triathlon.  Motion carried.

7. The group discussed the contents of their backpacks.

8. Meeting adjourned.


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