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Susan Kastuk-Ridlington’s Updates February 19, 2012

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Hi to all,

What a great ski day today (Sunday)!  By the number of cars parked on the road I think a lot of people got to enjoy the day, either snowshoeing or skiing.

 I trust all that attended Friday enjoyed the pot luck.  We had some good ideas for the things to put in your back pack – duct tape being a very multi purpose item suggested by Cy.

 I just wanted to let you know that it was decided at the meeting last night to cancel the pot luck on March 2 as it is only two weeks away.

 It was agreed that a fall potluck should be scheduled – so mark your calendar for November 16, 2012 as the hall at St. Anne’s is booked. 

Cy announced there will be a biking group in the spring via the Tantramar Seniors College (after Cy & Roy’s very successful hiking and cross country/snowshoeing courses).

One request would be for a “style clinic” for those who know how to ski but want to improve their style/technique.

If anyone has requests, ideas or to volunteer to arrange activities, please let us know.

 If you ski by the cabin, don’t forget to sign our guest book!




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