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Kouchibouguac Grooming Cutbacks January 1, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — dougskijors @ 4:17 pm


Trail grooming at Kouchibouguac has been cut back to 15 km (from the previous 22).

Worse, they are not using their big groomer, they are just using a snowmobile with a drag groomer, which is inadequate for compaction, barely wide enough to skate, and they are running it only every 2-3 days.

The locals are disappointed.  I think the local club is the ‘Boules des Neiges’.

The cutbacks are to save on diesel ($4000 last year).  But, over a 90 day season, that is only $44/day.

Furthermore, in previous years the grooming was arguably excessive.

I think there is room for a middle ground.   If anyone is connected to Parks Canada or the federal government, New Brunswick is losing a good facility.  I would happily pay higher user fees.

A sad thought:The grooming is now bad enough that Kouch will not be a destination, so use will drop, so funds will drop and it will fall into a downward spiral.


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