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Trail Condition Postings? January 1, 2013

Filed under: Administration,Ski Conditions — dougskijors @ 4:20 pm


Is there interest in trail condition postings?

Can anyone else start posting ‘comments’ in the trail conditions section?

I have a hectic January/February/March and my posting time will be limited.

cheers, Doug


2 Responses to “Trail Condition Postings?”

  1. Ross Thomas Says:

    Broken to Drop Off Ridge. A few more passes will make a great run. Also ATV trail from bottom of Petrie’s Folly has been compacted/groomed by ski doo groomer and is skate able, tho because the trail from Walker Rd to there was plowed or snow blown it isn’t very good for anything but poling fast. At any rate this being Friday Night it may be all rutted by morning… Ross

  2. grothomas Says:

    Doug, Can you remind me how to post again? I will remind Pat who can update when he grooms and Cy who skies alot. Ross

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