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Potluck, Annual Meeting, 16 March 2013 March 16, 2013

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We enjoyed a Potluck at St. Ann’s Church on 16 March.

Unofficial minutes for information:

1) Ross circulated the current financials.  We got some money, we spent some money, we still have some money.  Mike Olscamp was helpful in getting provincial money for the new snowmobile (vroommmm), which has impressive features involving cooling, and engines, and gas efficiency.  We should thank him.

2) Ross told the group about a higher grade groomer that is available for ~$6500, with ordering by May 2013 for fall delivery.

The proposed groomer works better for the operator, which is a significant issue because Pat Hayes is kindly volunteering to do the grooming.  The groomer also has better features than the current town groomer.

Ross received support on a motion to circulate an email proposing the Financial Committee examine the feasibility of purchasing the groomer (I think).

A more minor upgrade are improved skis for the new snowmobile, to help it turn.

2) Becky Whitham told the group about the JackRabbit ski training program at Dieppe.  They rent skis+poles+boots for $30/season, and the JackRabbits can use them for the lessons but also during the week.

The group discussed launching a similar initiative in Sackville, with perhaps ~$2000 of gear for rental, and/or recycled gear, and/or re-renting out people’s gear on commission (I think).

Michelle Dobbin has gear at Salem, but it has to be back for the week, so is of moderate use, and is awkward for her to manage.

Doug asked if Ike Whiteman might be interested in running the gear side.

Becky & Ross will cooperate on another meeting to consider setting up the JackRabbit program for next season.

3) A nice lady wearing a kerchief, whom I do not know, discussed a website for setting up cycle outings over the summer.  We got confused over dating websites.  Hilarity Ensued.

 There are currently:

-a fast Thursday evening ride

-a moderate Thursday evening ride

-a moderate Sunday morning ride.  Perhaps the riders could post details on the website?

4) Cy Bernard & Roy Pierog are planning trail editing and signage to improve safety.  I expect email announcements of bushwacking expeditions will circulate.

5) Peter Manchester, elves and Ian Dennis’ GPS watch arranged more signage and mappage of the trails.

6) Membership is up, we are now one of the largest sports groups in town.  People are coming from out of town to use the trails.  We are getting donations in the box at Walker Rd.

7) The current executive were re-elected:

Peter Manchester, President

Ross Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer

Cy Bernard, Trails

Kate Bredin, Membership

Susan Kastuk-Ridlington, Social Convenor

Doug Campbell (aka Rosemary Cockshutt), website

best regards, and apologies if I missed or garbled anything. 
Doug Campbell
Corrections and additions welcome.



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    Thanks for the notes

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