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Potluck, 15 March 2014, St. Anne’s Church Hall February 6, 2014

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We hope you will join us for the last pot luck of the ski season on Saturday March 15. St Anne’s church hall, British Settlement. Doors open at 4:30 with pot luck supper at 5:15 pm.


One Response to “Potluck, 15 March 2014, St. Anne’s Church Hall”

  1. Margaret Ann Says:

    Hi Folks, On Wednesday March 12,’14, I broke my left fibula in two places while skiing down to the bench which divides Yellow from Blue North. Conditings were skickey and I was wearing my multis, anticipating a fabulous skiing experience. Prior to my spectacular fall, the conditions were getting stickier, and I had had to stop twice and scrape the bottom of my skis. As I started down the little downhill of the trail, i kicked off the sticking snow and thought the skis would get moving well with the added speed. At a patch of sunlight, the skis stopped dead in the track and I kept going.
    Please be careful of conditions just below and just above zero. Be aware that zero skis or multis work best on ‘transformed’ snow. Watch for icy snow in shade which then changes to stickey snow in direct sunlight. You may go from fast conditions to very stickey conditions.
    I was lucky. It might have been a worse accident. I wish to thank the people who helped me: Ross Thomas, Peter Manchester, Kate Bredin, Anne Varner and most especially Carolyn Bembridge and Ian Dennis.

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