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Ike Ski Maintenance Offers March 16, 2014

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Interested in having your skis (both waxable and wax less, yes they also need wax) waxed, cleaned or prepared for summer storage, this service may be for you.

If your interested in this service contact me at the email address below:

Fee schedule:

 5.00$  clean of last years wax/klister
10.00$ I will hot scrape** after scraping of your storage wax
 5.00$ glide wax your skis with your wax 
 8.00$ glide wax your skis with my wax
12.00$ prepare skis for summer storage

Note: a portion of these fees will be donated to the
Tantramar Outdoor Club

For pine tarring and minor repairs , contact me using the email address below:

*Oxidation – when there is no glide wax on the ski base, the p-tex reacts with oxygen in the air to form a whitish layer. This oxidized layer will reduce the glide properties of the ski and also blocks the pores in the base so that additional glide wax will not penetrate the base

**Hot Scrape – a method for cleaning the glide zone of classic skis or the whole base on skate skis. Glide wax is applied, melted to an even layer and then scraped off while still in a liquid form or very soft. This process will clean the bases effectively.”


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