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Pole Walking Skills September 20, 2014

Filed under: Activities — dougskijors @ 4:30 pm

Soper Physiotherapy would like to offer community members that are interested in pole walking the opportunity to learn how to do it or refresh their skills. We will go for a walk on the trail on Wednesday, September 24th 2014 at 6:00 pm starting at the Tantramar Highschool (lower parking lot).

This is also an excellent chance to get a regular walking group organized. Their has been interest within the community to start a pole walking group so we are hoping for a good turnout. Everyone can join, all ages, all skill levels. We will instruct people that need it and have a few sets of poles available in case people do not have their own yet.

For more info call Soper Physio at 536-8081

Ramona Kaiser,PT, Soper Physio


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