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Moonlight ski Friday the 30th January, meeting at 7 p.m. at the cabin January 29, 2015

Filed under: Activities,Evening Skiing,Ski Conditions — dougskijors @ 8:33 pm

There will be a moonlight ski tomorrow, Friday the 30th January, meeting at 7 p.m. at the cabin. BYO Refreshments after at the cabin. The moon is waxing so should be fairly high in the sky by then, albeit a bit obscured by the clouds of our next snowfall, so you may want to bring a headlamp.

Perhaps more importantly, if you haven’t been skiing today you should definitely get out. Pat has been a very busy beaver grooming this morning and the trails are incredible, at their best of course between -9 and -3 degrees when there is still good grip and enough water in the snow to make the gliding almost effortless. (Yes, others have commented on my delusions before). Trail updates are often available at  tantramaroutdoorclub.org and click on <trail condition report> at the top right of the screen. If you actually post a comment at the very bottom of the comments section, it gives you the option to receive updates by email, and I am sure you are all anxious to receive more email…

Finally, if you have paid your membership and haven’t got a card yet,  and need one because you are going shopping at Mike’s bike shop and want to avail yourselves of the 15% off regularly priced items for TOC members, drop Kate a line kate.bredin@gmail.com .

Happy Skiing, Ross


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