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Ski Outing 1 March March 1, 2015

Filed under: Activities,Skiing — dougskijors @ 12:39 am

The second annual Presidential Tour will take place this Sunday, the 1st of March. We will meet at the Reservoir gate by 1:30 and aim to be at Petrie’s Folly by 2:15.
As last year the tour will head up toward Drop Off Ridge and depending on participants wishes will continue toward the Woodhurst Rd via a slightly different route than last year, or perhaps not quite so far. The distance via Yellow and returning via Blue North is about 19 km. If you go and come via the Quarry Rd it would be about 13-14 Km, as it would be if you went directly to and from Petrie’s Folly via the ATV Trail from Doncaster Pond.
The ATV trail has been packed by their groomer and the route to Woodhurst has been broken by the TOC scouting party, but neither route will be as easy going as the regular Pat-set trails( which if you haven’t been on them lately, and are still reading, are splendid). And there will be a few hills. Because the Woodhurst Rd is barely one lane there is no room to park a vehicle for those wishing to only go one way.


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