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Trans Canada Trail Vote December 2, 2015

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To Members of the Tantramar Outdoor Club

The NB Trail Association is hoping to complete the New Brunswick section of the Trans Canada Trail by 2017. In our area, this would mean establishing a link for walkers and cyclists between Dorchester and Sackville.

Two possible routes are being discussed:

A. A 35 km route following Route 935 via Rockport and Westcock, entering town via Queen’s Road.

B. A 14 km route following Woodlawn Road to Fairfield Road to Crossman Road, entering town via York or King Street.

A new trail, through the woods, is considered logistically impossible due to the number of landowners and the difficulty of new trail construction.

If this question interests you, please indicate your preference for either A or B by no later than 8 p.m. on Thursday, December 3rd by emailing Sandy Burnett. <jburnett@burnettmail.ca>


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