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Trail, Hut Updates December 14, 2015

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The town has proposed shifting the old green ski hut at Beech Hill Park up to the field in the park where it would be useful for events. The meeting agreed to cede ownership to the town as precondition to this happening, presuming the building is structurally sound. This building was originally owned by the Sackville Ski Club and was located on the present Access Road near where the trail presently crosses when it was still a logging trail, and moved to BHPark after the Town shutdown recreational use of the reservoir properties in the ? 70’s

Ross reminded the group of our decision to not groom Beech Hill Park on a regular basis. It got little use except for people walking and snow shoeing on the ski track.
We will try to groom inside the park for jackrabbit, Salem school and Winterfest.
( Since our meeting, Becky Whittam and the Jackrabbit coaches have decided they will, for logistical reasons, need to use Beech Hill Park as the CTTrail will unlikely accommodate 55 jackrabbits and their coaches. We therefore plan to groom Beech Hill, within park limits, late each week before Jackrabbit, as well a son as needed basis for Salem excursions).

Finally, there were rumors circulated that the new warming hut halfway along the birches is nearing completion, and in fact the Trites donated stove has been installed and is operational, although our present wood supply is a bit damp so bring kindling.
It has yet to be named but “The Birches” has been suggested. The presidential moniker Rossmahal has, thank goodness, been axed as it doesn’t highlight the natural beauty of the area.
If you have other suggestions, please forward them to this writer for dissemination and discussion.

The next potluck will be in January, date TBA.


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