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Membership Online December 13, 2016

Filed under: Administration,Membership — dougskijors @ 8:25 pm

Membership fees this year to join the Tantramar Outdoor club are $30 for individuals or $80 for families. This year we have to do this on line, a requirement of cross country NB. This is the link you need to access the web site where you can register.


Many of you, used to handing Kate soggy bills on the ski trail and hoping she is not too oxygen deprived to remember your name and tick it off as paid,  may be confused and offended by this process so I will blather on a bit about why it is neccessary, so if you just want to go to Zone 4 and join TOC and be spared the brain strain, just stop reading and go register.

Firstly, the Club needs money to build and maintain trails, and to groom ski trails. We also operate a jackrabbit program and the past two autumns have constructed a second warming hut(Sugar Brook Lodge) on the Yellow trail, as well as a groomer shed/possible jackrabbit meeting place on the CTT. These structures alone cost about $12,000 together, and all these efforts of course entail hundreds of volunteer hours, which need to be supported with materials to work with.

The side effect of this is great trails which are free to use and indeed since their construction and improvement have seen a steady increase in traffic over the past decade(although many of the trails date back over half a century).

Secondly, in order to do all these activities, the volunteers and participants need insurance coverage for which  CCNB deducts $12 for every member to cover this cost.

We do get a grant from the Town of Sackville of just under $2,000, but we no longer run the Triathlon which used to net $4,000 annually, hence the slight increase in rates.

If you are unable or unwilling to do the Zone 4 thingy, you can still “donate” funds to the club, but although we are a Not For Profit outfit, we are not a charitible organization and therefore do not issue tax receipts.

Or if you provide your birthdate, address, phone, email and gender( Not always evident on teh ski trails….), Kate can enter all this stuff for you.

Finally, if you have already registered your child/chidren for JACKRABBIT, you will have already paid your membership.


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