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A peaceful sunny winter's day!

The Tantramar Outdoor Club has grown organically for the past few decades. Its origins were a loose set of friends who enjoyed heading out into the woods in the winter to enjoy the snow and forest. Using old roads used for logging, crown reserve byways and creating new trails over time, that group coalesced into what is now the TOC. For about 15 years, the club hosted a summer triathlon in Sackville. This was used to encourage sport development and an active lifestyle, and raise funds for trail development, warming huts and trail maintenance. Our membership is now large enough to sustain recurring costs.

Year-round outdoor activities have always been a central purpose to the membership. But the beating heart of the group is the embrace of winter, and the bounty of snow which provides cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities over the winter months. Our hope is that we leave the surrounding environments which we traverse as pristine as possible.

Pure bliss at Silver lake!
Pure bliss at Silver Lake!

The devotion to this activity has not gone unnoticed. The trails now draw participants from locations far from Sackville. The multiple generations that are seen on the trails in the winter months testifies to its vibrancy and future growth. This of course could not be possible without the support and access given to us by private land owners and the Town of Sackville.

The membership of course does not rest when winter ends. They continue to hike, bike, swim, jog and keep moving under their own power. The active lifestyle has visceral, emotional and convivial benefits for all who can participate. We live in a northern climate, and we accept and embrace the gifts of all seasons. But rest assured, when fresh snow arrives, the collective heartbeats quicken in anticipation of the gift of winter’s beauty and the experience of travelling through the winter forest in all that it has to offer, especially on freshly groomed trails!

Basking in the sun at Sheelagh's Shelter along the Yellow trail.
Basking in the sun at Sheelagh’s Shelter along the Yellow Trail.