Trail Conditions


Well it looks we have to ski again! So sad… Glide will have slowed a bit with the fresh flurries, back to 2 out of 4 from yesterday’s zippy 3. Grip will be fine with any ski, with Swix blue this morning and something warmer this afternoon.
I did pop over to check out the Smith Camp Corner. Skiing in from the Bench(counter clockwise) is OK, as long as you can stop at the bottom, and tractor rutted but passable beyond that on upper and lower Blue. But things may change, though usually the boys take Sundays off. If you see Melbourne plus or minus Roddy Smith say hi. They are quite happy to have us skiing and share a similar joy of being in the woods in winter, enjoying harvesting wood as much as we enjoy skiing. And please, please, do not harangue them about cutting trees or driving tractors on their land.
So far the track up to Drop Off Ridge remains undisturbed by tractors, although Robert Wheaton’s wee warming hut remains parked near the top, and a popular run. If you follow the various ungroomed ski tracks that depart from this route you will find some tricky hills and a complete absence of signage so be cautious. See you on the trails,