Trail Conditions

Ahhhh. Winter is here!!!

Bucky not only took the groomer to Firth’s but convinced him of the urgency of the mission and returned with said implement, welded up, and did some splendid grooming. Conditions were pretty incredible for the after work crowd yesterday!!! Bucky plans to be back on the sled mid morning to continue the quest for perfection. Ski Nirvana won’t be far behind. And yes, of course, it is way too stormy to go to work today…. Glide will likely be 2.5-3/4 with warmish temps and last night’s freezing drizzle, but lots of soft snow to snow plow or fall into. Skins or waxless will be best options for grip, and those miraculous zero skis may work too. There is a risk of sticking should the sun break through but it it would be a 1.5/4(for the lovers of 1-4 scales). Cheers,