Trail Conditions

All Groomed Up

The “New” groomer went around to day so able to do more levelling of moguls and set track almost everywhere. Despite the nice track things will be slow(1-2/4) because of the new, cold(=sharp) snow and the track in exposed areas will quickly be filling in. The roads are passable but there is lots of blowing snow and on the Walker Road you may encounter drifts as it has not been plowed since yesterday. This might be a day to stay home and sit in front of the fire or baseboard heater or mini split and read a book. If you do venture up the hill, the Crooked Tree Trail entrance will afford immediate shelter and the Quarry Road howling breezes and whipped up snow, until you get to Quarry-Go-Round which is slowly improving and almost windless. Jackrabbit I think is being cancelled for today.