Trail Conditions

Alternate forms of Whoooosh

TOC ice consultant Doug Bliss reports that there is good ice on the Waterfowl Park with bumpy patches. The recently thawed spots(clear ice) are 7 cm thick and the older, white ice “much thicker”. The only problem is access as along the edges, especially where the bullrushes are, is still barely frozen. You can get on easily from the Birches’ boardwalk- elsewhere bring an entrance ramp. Doug was also out to Silver Lake where ice fisherman had augered holes through 8-10 cm of white ice. The newer black ice would be thinner. Doug is planning a skating test this afternoon so you may want to see how that goes before venturing onto the lake, and if you do go carry your safety gear- ice picks, rope, spare clothes in waterproof bag etc, and go with a buddy.