Trail Conditions


Bucky’s tracks from yesterday are sublime- not too busy whilst he was grooming so time for the tracks to “set up”(gel) before we skiers messed them up. Glide was pushing 3 but with lots of soft snow easy to snow plow and felt slower. Conditions will be similar today, perhaps a bit slower as it was flurrying at the end of the day. Swix Blue(I am not a sponseree of Swix, just the brand I happen to use) will work nicely as will waxless and skins but more slowly . The Wheaton’s are now logging near the Ridge so along with the Smith Camp area you should avoid, or exercise extreme caution if your amygdala is too small to contain this type of vocabulary.
Bucky has set a lovely loop track in the lower Quarry so along with LeRond and the big hill this is now a very inviting *kids venue*. These folks seem to prefer shorter distances repeated endlessly. You parents can just bring your lawn chairs and sit back and watch the fun, and freeze your fannies off. (If you are a beginner “oddult”, this is also a great place to practice your stuff). Cheers,