Trail Conditions

Bucky has left the Building`

(The groomer shed that is) and, after and during several repairs, is out performing his magic. Although initial plans were to just flat groom, he says he will be setting track where there is enough snow. The snow is transformed and granular so glide is pretty zippy- about a 3/4 and grip was great with Blue Extra(-3 to -7). Waxless and skins will also work well. A couple of cautions for those who have bothered to read this far- There is a wagon loaded with wood at the bottom of the hill after the Doncaster camp, and coverage, tho mostly adequate, is sparse in some wetter areas which translates to risk of sudden decelerations and/or skis getting wet and icing up a bit(tho not the “take-your-skis-off-and-throw-them-in-the-woods” clumping which is a fresh snow phenomenon. And of course the sunshine is stunning. Enjoy. Offer only good for 24 hours(see <> ) Merry Christmas to all and to all a great ski.