Trail Conditions

Bucky’s Bumps/CTT skiable-We have a Winner, Finally.

Bucky did take out the newer groomer yesterday and did a great job where there was adequate snow getting rid of many of the moguls making for a much smoother ride. He didn’t get all the way around Blue but the track on the Wood Road is very best. Beale and Inch folks plowed into the Lower Quarry so if you are starting from there you will likely have to walk at least until the cable. You can take Quarry-Go-Round. It was not groomed so you can decide on the way up if you want to return that way. You could also turn left at the cable under the orange rope through Carter’s Quarry to the View where you can pick up a groomed track but the descent that way will be very tricky. You can ski from Reservoir Gate via Red with good coverage. The hill and Doncaster Bypass are flat tracked but there is a track everywhere else. Crooked Tree Trail is also just packed flat and is pretty good for skating although a tad narrow and bumpy. Ravensway(the former Bridesway) is ungroomed and gnarly. And on that note the closest guess to the first skiable day on the CTT is Jean Cameron with her guess of the 13th of January. Congratulations!!! Conditions will remain good to very good again today, apart from the above exceptions. Glide should stay about 2 this morning to 2.5-3/4 this aftrenoon.