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Buy-Sell-Trade November 29, 2008

Got skis, or any other outdoor gear that you no longer want? Post your information here, or send us a link to another web page page with the all the details. Photos are handy. If you’re looking for something special, let the community know.

Going skiing


22 Responses to “Buy-Sell-Trade”

  1. Roland Chiasson Says:

    Thule car rack for sale in good condition, comes with adapters for mounting on various cars
    Roland or Sabine at 536-1260

  2. dougskijors Says:

    Ina Benner (ibenner@mta.ca) and Claire Pabody (cmpabody@gmail.com) are both recent arrivals to Tantramar.

    Welcome Ina & Claire.
    Both are seeking skis and boots to borrow/buy.
    They are both ~medium sized women, boots ~8 womens.

  3. Doug Campbell Says:

    Interested in having your skis (both waxable and wax less, yes they also need wax) waxed, cleaned or prepared for summer storage, this service may be for you.

    If your interested in this service contact me at the email address below:

    Fee schedule:
 5.00$  clean of last years wax/klister
10.00$ I will hot scrape** after scraping of your storage wax
 5.00$ glide wax your skis with your wax 
 8.00$ glide wax your skis with my wax
    12.00$ prepare skis for summer storage

    Note: a portion of these fees will be donated to the
    Tantramar Outdoor Club
For pine tarring and minor repairs , contact me using the email address below:

    *Oxidation – when there is no glide wax on the ski base, the p-tex reacts with oxygen in the air to form a whitish layer. This oxidized layer will reduce the glide properties of the ski and also blocks the pores in the base so that additional glide wax will not penetrate the base

    **Hot Scrape – a method for cleaning the glide zone of classic skis or the whole base on skate skis. Glide wax is applied, melted to an even layer and then scraped off while still in a liquid form or very soft. This process will clean the bases effectively.”

  4. Sabine Beisser Says:

    Laurie, we have one pair of 6W you’re welcome to.

  5. Laurie Smith Says:

    I am looking for 2 pairs of 3 pin boots. They can be size youth 6 or 7 or adult 8 or 9. Thanks.

  6. andreakwilson Says:

    I am currently looking for spare bicycle parts for a sculpture/projection installation I am making. If you have any parts you would like to pass on to me to recycle for an artistic endeavour, please let me know. 536-0516
    Thanks! andrea

  7. Matt Mahoney Says:

    As seems to be the case with several others I am looking for skis/poles/boots for a young boy, 4 years old. Please call 939-0900.

  8. ik3 Says:

    180 cm “Splitkein” wax base
    No bindings
    Free to a good home
    Contact swix2@hotmail.com

  9. Tracey wade Says:

    I have children’s skis and boots for sale. For 7-8 year old. Three prong boots and skis. Poles not in great shape. Call me at 536-3676.

  10. Douglas Campbell Says:

    At the 23 Nov 2013 potluck we had a gear exchange.
    Gear still available:
    Becky Whitham may have some child-size ski poles.
    Doug Campbell (dcampbell@mta.ca) has a homemade but workable pulk.

  11. Dave Hornidge Says:

    Looking for skis for a tall almost five-year-old.

    Any ideas?

  12. looking for a road bike 860-0166

  13. Julie Sircom Says:

    Hi folks-
    Does anyone have a pair of poles, about 135cm, that they’d like to get rid of? Give a call at 536-3533 if you do. Thanks!

  14. Becky Whittam Says:

    Hi everyone!
    Still looking for skis for our kids, especially our six year old … approximate sizes: 120-140 cm skis, size 12-13 boot, 90-95 cm poles. Call me at 536-2187 if you have any you’d like to get rid of!

  15. Angus Findlay Says:

    My wife is selling her Salomon ski boots. They are barely used and in excellent shape. Size 6.5 (EUR 38) designed for SNS profil bindings. She would like to get $45 for them. Post if interested and I can send photos or meet.


  16. Tom Clair Says:

    I have a Yakima Q-Tower roof rack system which fit a Mazda 626 (you may need to buy separate clips to fit your own car) + attached (but removable) ski rack. Original price ~ $600. Will sell for $70.00. I also have a pair of 6 ‘ Nordic waxable skis with 3 pin bindings for $10.00. Call Tom Clair 536 3610 or reply to this website.

  17. Tracey Wade Says:

    I’m looking for children’s skis – if anyone has any they want to ditch at the end of the season! For a 5 and 7 year old (boot sizes junior 12 and 2).

  18. These skis are no longer available, but if anyone else has others available, please post here.

  19. Becky Whittam Says:

    Hi Harold

    We spoke at the trailhead today. If these skiis are still available, they would likely be quite good for my daughter. Can you find out if the Dysarts still have them? Thanks!

  20. Jennifer Cunningham Says:

    I am looking for skis, boots and poles for a 7 and 10 year old (sizes 2-3 and 4-5 gym shoe. I’m not sure how that translates into ski boot.)

    Thank you.

  21. Greg osowski Says:

    Hi Harold
    How are things? Haven’t seen you for quite some time. I have a friend who may be interested in the skis. What’s the price? Can
    we try them on?

  22. From The Dysarts: Available – The boots are Salomon size 13.5 (32 European); the skis are 120 cm Splitkein waxless (model = “Lillehammer step”) with Salomon bindings. Poles too. Great condition. Suitable for a 5 or 6-year-old critter. Contact through this website.

    Picture: http://flickr.com/photos/jarche/3068963768/

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