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JackRabbit Registration December 3, 2014

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Jackrabbit registration is open, form attached, due 17th Dec after which registration if not fully subscribed will be opened up to the general public.

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TOC Meeting 22/11/14 and Potluck November 28, 2014

1. Motion by Kate and well seconded, and passed apparently unanimously to set membership fees this year at $40 for families and $ 20 for individuals. Payable to Kate Bredin (kate.bredin@gmail.com). We will send out a formal email in the new year.

2. Motion by Jeff and seconded by Peter to allow the trail committee a budget of upwards of $3,000 to buy materials to begin construction of a second TOC warming hut on the Yellow Trail. The owner, one Ross Thomas, has given permission to build a cabin as long as it is built, owned and maintained by the TOC. The group was in agreement with these stipulations.
If extra money is needed, which may be the case, depending on how much money the Triathlon makes next year, we can raise it next year by offering shares for sale or sustaining memberships at say $100/50 for those able to afford it. (We did the latter to pay for the CTT cabin).
This writer gave a brief update on finances.We have about $7,000 in the bank and can anticipate $1,000 to $1,800 from the Town in the New Year. He also threatened to pass around the 2014 financial statement but forgot. I would be happy to send it along to anyone that wants to see it.
Unless there is a particularly snowless and mild December, it is unlikely construction will begin until next year.
We will need windows and a wood stove so if anyone has a lead on either let me know.

3. The Jackrabbit program is gearing up to not only run again but to expand. There at least five new leaders. We have again applied for a grant to assist this program.

4. Susan Kastuk-Ridlington reported that there were three popular paddling events this past season.

5. Cyrus gave an update on trail improvements including a Coombs Road bypass which will make it easier to avoid this section if George plows his road to get into his sugar bush.
Today Wade Wheaton and his crew hauled in outhouses to the cabin as well as the future cabin site on the Yellow. There is a bit of stabilizing that needs to happen before that are ready to be christened. Becky Whittam has kindly offered to place toilet paper in squirrel proof containers- the squirrels will have to bring their own.

6. Equipment buy/sell/trade. Not much happened on this front. We decided such exchanges could be best facilitated by asking the webmistress or her father, Doug Campbell, to post stuff to the buy/sell section on the website.

7. Sandy mentioned that there is a good website –  http://crosscountryskitechnique.com/ with all kinds of info and videos.

The meeting as usual ended amicably, mostly because everyone was eager to get to the desserts.


Ike Ski Maintenance Offers March 16, 2014

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Interested in having your skis (both waxable and wax less, yes they also need wax) waxed, cleaned or prepared for summer storage, this service may be for you.

If your interested in this service contact me at the email address below:

Fee schedule:

 5.00$  clean of last years wax/klister
10.00$ I will hot scrape** after scraping of your storage wax
 5.00$ glide wax your skis with your wax 
 8.00$ glide wax your skis with my wax
12.00$ prepare skis for summer storage

Note: a portion of these fees will be donated to the
Tantramar Outdoor Club

For pine tarring and minor repairs , contact me using the email address below:

*Oxidation – when there is no glide wax on the ski base, the p-tex reacts with oxygen in the air to form a whitish layer. This oxidized layer will reduce the glide properties of the ski and also blocks the pores in the base so that additional glide wax will not penetrate the base

**Hot Scrape – a method for cleaning the glide zone of classic skis or the whole base on skate skis. Glide wax is applied, melted to an even layer and then scraped off while still in a liquid form or very soft. This process will clean the bases effectively.”


Potluck, 15 March 2014, St. Anne’s Church Hall February 6, 2014

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We hope you will join us for the last pot luck of the ski season on Saturday March 15. St Anne’s church hall, British Settlement. Doors open at 4:30 with pot luck supper at 5:15 pm.


Potluck 17 Jan 17:45 December 11, 2013

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Next Pot Luck will be Friday, January 17 at St Ann’s Hall. Doors will open at 5:45 and supper will be at 6:30pm.


Potluck, Annual Meeting, 16 March 2013 March 16, 2013

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We enjoyed a Potluck at St. Ann’s Church on 16 March.

Unofficial minutes for information:

1) Ross circulated the current financials.  We got some money, we spent some money, we still have some money.  Mike Olscamp was helpful in getting provincial money for the new snowmobile (vroommmm), which has impressive features involving cooling, and engines, and gas efficiency.  We should thank him.

2) Ross told the group about a higher grade groomer that is available for ~$6500, with ordering by May 2013 for fall delivery.

The proposed groomer works better for the operator, which is a significant issue because Pat Hayes is kindly volunteering to do the grooming.  The groomer also has better features than the current town groomer.

Ross received support on a motion to circulate an email proposing the Financial Committee examine the feasibility of purchasing the groomer (I think).

A more minor upgrade are improved skis for the new snowmobile, to help it turn.

2) Becky Whitham told the group about the JackRabbit ski training program at Dieppe.  They rent skis+poles+boots for $30/season, and the JackRabbits can use them for the lessons but also during the week.

The group discussed launching a similar initiative in Sackville, with perhaps ~$2000 of gear for rental, and/or recycled gear, and/or re-renting out people’s gear on commission (I think).

Michelle Dobbin has gear at Salem, but it has to be back for the week, so is of moderate use, and is awkward for her to manage.

Doug asked if Ike Whiteman might be interested in running the gear side.

Becky & Ross will cooperate on another meeting to consider setting up the JackRabbit program for next season.

3) A nice lady wearing a kerchief, whom I do not know, discussed a website for setting up cycle outings over the summer.  We got confused over dating websites.  Hilarity Ensued.

 There are currently:

-a fast Thursday evening ride

-a moderate Thursday evening ride

-a moderate Sunday morning ride.  Perhaps the riders could post details on the website?

4) Cy Bernard & Roy Pierog are planning trail editing and signage to improve safety.  I expect email announcements of bushwacking expeditions will circulate.

5) Peter Manchester, elves and Ian Dennis’ GPS watch arranged more signage and mappage of the trails.

6) Membership is up, we are now one of the largest sports groups in town.  People are coming from out of town to use the trails.  We are getting donations in the box at Walker Rd.

7) The current executive were re-elected:

Peter Manchester, President

Ross Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer

Cy Bernard, Trails

Kate Bredin, Membership

Susan Kastuk-Ridlington, Social Convenor

Doug Campbell (aka Rosemary Cockshutt), website

best regards, and apologies if I missed or garbled anything. 
Doug Campbell
Corrections and additions welcome.



Membership Dues 2013 January 3, 2013

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Membership dues are now due.

$15 for individuals and $25 for families.
The Sustaining Member rate, for those that ski or snowshoe a lot and/or feel they can afford it is
Individual $40 and family $100. ( We don’t publish any lists so do what you are comfortable with).

You can send cheques to Kate Bredin
2 Sawdon St
Sackville, NB
E4L 4K5
There are also envelopes at the cabin with Kate’s address on them.

Mike’s Bike Shop has offered all card carrying TOC members 15% off all regularly priced items when you present your TOC card, which you can either pick up from Kate or at the cabin once you paid your dues.

Our skiing related expenses are roughly as follows:
Membership in Cross Country NB(covers insurance for trails development and maintenance executive- ~$1 000
Insuring, registering and operating skidoo for trail grooming $1 000 to 1 500 depending on fuel and barring major repairs
Hall rentals for potlucks/meetings $300
Supplies for trail work $250
Our only fundraising is the Triathlon which this year made $3 000, which went toward the purchase of the ski doo which, thanks to a generous grant from the province of NB of $6 500(1/2 half the $13 000 purchase price), we now own outright.