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Group Rides Restart May 2, 2015

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Regular group bike rides will begin on Thursdays, meeting at 6p.m. at the Black Duck and Sundays meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the same place.
The Thursday ride will follow the same route to Midgic “T”, right to end of pavement on Goose Lake Rd and back to Mountview, then right to top of hill/end of pavement, then back down and across Stanley, down Walker, along Ogden Mill to Main and back to the lights. This ride was originally designed as a paceline tempo ride but we plan to have a more leisurely aspect with opportunities for fast sections/sprints to satisfy the more sadistic among us.
The Sunday ride is usually 1-3 hours depending on participants wishes and time frames. It typically averages 22-25 km/hr and aims to be conversational.
Both events are best done on road bikes except for the Jolicouer farmers and Uphill drive data analysts who are welcome to bring their fatbikes and knobby low pressure tires.
If it is raining, or snowing, or only 3 or 4 degrees, the rides don’t happen.(that is when we ski)


Tour of Elgin September 27, 2010

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This Saturday (2 October) marks the highlight in the mountain bike year, the 7th annual tour of Elgin.  A truly magnificent event with great trails, beautiful fall colours, many hills and almost all off road

http://www.elgineco.com/ (click on current events tab)

There are a choice of distances 20, 40 and 80km.  The 80km is strictly for the hardcore, and starts at 10am, the other distances start at noon.  Entry is $35 if you preregister before

5pm on Wednesday otherwise it’s $45 which you can pay on the day, see link for entry form


Ian Dennis will be taking his van down From Sackville to Elgin, and can accommodate about 4 other people + bikes.  Please contact Ian, if you want to drive

For those that enjoy venturing off the pavement, this is an event not to be missed, hope you can make it


Kids Bike Rodeo June 14, 2010

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Renaissance Sackville is sponsoring a bike rodeo at Marshview Middle School on Saturday June 19th from 9:00 AM to noon. We are looking for volunteers to help out with skill tests and handing out prizes. Mike’s Bikes will be on-site for any quick repairs. The RCMP are directing the skill tests, but we need help, as there are 8 different tests for each rider. Students from Marshview and Salem have been invited to attend.

There will be lots of prizes, so pass this on!


Thursday Evening Leisurely Rides May 4, 2010

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A number of people have expressed interest to get together to bike at a leisurely speed for about an hour ride. The idea is, if you are available on any Thursday, come and join the gang. All welcome. Whoever is there at the starting time, bikes together. No commitment, no sending regrets; just show up.

Susan K-R (the organizer) will not be biking on any week that is raining.

Some people made no comment about the suggested 6 pm start; some wanted earlier; some later. And some suggested drinks at Bridge after. So, for the first week, Susan suggests a later start and we will see how that works.

Meet at Bridge Street Café at 6:45 pm. If good weather, first time out will be Thursday, May 6.

A number of people have some good ideas on what to call this Thursday biking habit – maybe we can decide that after the bike ride on Thursday. So, if you cannot bike Thursday but want to help pick a name, join us at the café after the ride.

If you know of anyone that wants to bike and does not have a bike, put the word out – there are probably second hand bikes around for sale.

See you Thursday at 6:45


Cycling – Sunday Rides April 10, 2010

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Sunday road rides have returned for the 2010 season. We leave from the Bridge Street Café on Sundays at 10:00 AM. We start with about 30 km trips and gradually extend these as the season progresses and we wear off our winter fat 😉


Sydney’s return September 17, 2009

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From Doug, proud father and husband:

This is to let you know that after 78 days on the road that the nomad Sydney arrived home today around one o’clock in the afternoon. She traveled 5,445 km had only one flat and wore out two sets of tires. Diane who joined her just outside Montreal did the last 1,200 km home to Sackville. Both are in high spirits and in great shape.


Joggins Cycling Tour September 16, 2009

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Melissa Grey is the newly appointed Science & Education Coordinator at the Joggins Fossil Centre. Following some discussions on our Sunday morning rides, Melissa has been looking into routes for biking to Joggins this Fall. The Centre closes at the end of October.

Melissa usually goes straight from Maccan (there’s a fairly large pull out just before the #242 to park cars) to Joggins – a 19km ride one-way. Most of the road is freshly paved and nice to ride. Longer rides from Maccan could include Lower Maccan – River Hebert – Minudie – Joggins (about 44km 1 way) or Maccan – River Hebert – Minudie – Joggins (38km 1 way). There are lots of options. Going through Minudie would be lovely.


So, if a group of cyclists would like to stop in at the Centre, they have toilets, a cafe, and a water fountain. Melissa can also coordinate a special group rate ($5 per person) to people who’d like to check out the gallery. The scenery is really quite lovely here and they have picnic tables outside for people to use and enjoy the view.

If you’re interested in doing a group either to Joggins, Sackville-Joggins return, or a ride from and returning to the Centre, please add your comments below. Put in your preferred dates or day of the week.