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January 4, 2013

Filed under: Ski Conditions — dougskijors @ 10:43 pm

Thanks to Pat, Ian & Peter for getting the skate track organized at Beech Hill.
It is fun, a good loop.
I think it could use some more compaction?
ps. the dog paws are not mine, cheers, Doug


Filed under: Ski Conditions — Ian @ 1:00 pm

Friday Jan 4th noon: We have just groomed a little skate loop in Beech Hill park, it is work in progress but we will see how it works out


Trail Condition Postings? January 1, 2013

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Is there interest in trail condition postings?

Can anyone else start posting ‘comments’ in the trail conditions section?

I have a hectic January/February/March and my posting time will be limited.

cheers, Doug


Kouchibouguac Grooming Cutbacks

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Trail grooming at Kouchibouguac has been cut back to 15 km (from the previous 22).

Worse, they are not using their big groomer, they are just using a snowmobile with a drag groomer, which is inadequate for compaction, barely wide enough to skate, and they are running it only every 2-3 days.

The locals are disappointed.  I think the local club is the ‘Boules des Neiges’.

The cutbacks are to save on diesel ($4000 last year).  But, over a 90 day season, that is only $44/day.

Furthermore, in previous years the grooming was arguably excessive.

I think there is room for a middle ground.   If anyone is connected to Parks Canada or the federal government, New Brunswick is losing a good facility.  I would happily pay higher user fees.

A sad thought:The grooming is now bad enough that Kouch will not be a destination, so use will drop, so funds will drop and it will fall into a downward spiral.


6Feb,2012 February 6, 2012

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 10:21 pm

Lots of barely tracked snow behind the Green Cabin(Higham Hollow). ATVs  with tracks have run lower Yellow….Now some barricades in place to dissuade them. Leave them there I guess. Ross


3rd April,2011 April 3, 2011

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 9:26 am

Great skiing off the end oif Maloney Road yesterday and headed back today and anticipate it will be even better, tho be careful if you head down the big hill on the skidoo trailRight afte (Layton Smith’s camp) as not much snow on bridge at bottom.


28 March,2011 March 28, 2011

Filed under: Ski Conditions — grothomas @ 8:37 am

Great skiing on skido trail from King St crosssing((~ 1 km past Purdy’s Hill)  up to Blue Sign and left to Walker Rd-untracked snow up into quarry,then onto Yellow tracked by KAte and KAren and zoom zoom.  Fro there up ATV trail to shelter then on to Woodhurst Rd almost with a lovely descent on the last section through the woods. Should be good conditions for at least another week tho with warmer temps later this week will get sloppy in the afternoons.