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Ski Service Before 1 November October 14, 2016

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As some of you may already know Ike (Whitehead) is moving out of Sackville this fall.

(Booo Hooooo.    We will miss Ike!)
If you had your skis summer prepped, or wish to get you skis tuned for this coming season be sure to contact him before November 1 to make arrangements.
The almanac is forecasting a snowy cold winter 🙂


2016 Updated Trail Map .pdf January 25, 2016

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Ski Waxing Clinic, 25 Jan January 11, 2016

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Do you have a pair of cross country skis at home, but aren’t sure how to get them ready for the trail? Have you been skiing for a while but have some questions about waxing, equipment, sizing or other aspects of the activity? Or are you just interested in learning more about the sport as you think about giving it a try? Join us for an informal evening of information on cross country skiing…equipment differences and selection, sizing, wax selection and technique and anything else you want to know. Feel free to bring in your own equipment if you have specific questions about it. The evening will include a waxing and maintenance demo.

Where: Salem Elementary School, in the multi-purpose room.

When: Monday, January 25, 2016 from 6:30-8:30

Cost: $8 with proceeds going towards Salem’s Outdoor Classroom

This fabulous information session is courtesy of Ike Whitehead, local ski enthusiast and is sponsored by Mike’s Bikes. RSVP is not necessary but would certainly help us prepare for the evening…we will not turn you away! Call 364-4072, swix2@hotmail.com, for further information or to let us know you are attending.


Potluck, Signs, Cabin January 10, 2016

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1. Tantramar Outdoor Club pot luck. Saturday January 23. St Ann’s Church Hall , Westcock.  Socialize with fellow skiers and snowshoers starting at 5:15; Pot luck supper to be served at 5:45 pm. Update from the executive following the dinner. We hope all will attend, including the families of the skiers enrolled in our Jack Rabbit program.

Many of us recognize each other from passing on the trails. How about taking a selfie  or full picture of yourself in the outdoors, print it off, and put your first name on it, and pin it to yourself! Your outdoor club name tag!

Questions about pot luck, contact Susan Kastuk-Ridlington meals@nbnet.nb.ca or 536-3345

2. Thanks to Pat Hayes for creating, and erecting,  the handsome new trail wood engraved signs you will notice on the ski trails. I guess with the paucity of groomable snow he found another great way to help out. Many people think that La Rond is spelled incorrectly. Apparently, in French, you can say Le Rond, or La Ronde. Since this is an inclusive club, and mostly since this writer is somewhat(my kids would argue extemely) illiterate in the French language, the sign stays as is. Hope it doesn’t make you fall over.

3. The new cabin, likely to be known as “The Birches”, is now open for business.
The fire take lots of air and blowing to get going as the wood is a bit damp, and you shouldn’t shut the turny vent knobs on the doors all the way unless it is really hot.
We would ask that in the non snow season that dogs stay outside. As before, dogs are not permitted on trails when in use for skiing.
If you aren’t sure where it is, take a left at the green outhouse on the Yellow trail, halfway along the Birches.
Finally, Cy and I have each placed our favourite broom behind the door. Please let us know if you like my blue one, or Cy’s red one, the best.
See you in 2 weeks, Ross


Ski Swap and Potluck November 19, 2015

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St Ann’s Church Hall, 65 British Settlement Road in Westcock on Saturday, November 28, 2015 from 4:30- 5:30 is the place to:

  • Buy, sell or swap any sports equipment but especially cross ski equipment and snowshoes
  • Register your children ages 4+ for the Bunnyrabbit/Jackrabbit program.
  • Socialize with others who enjoy the winter sport of cross country skiing and snowshoeing

At 5:30, share in a pot luck meal followed by an opportunity to learn all about our wonderful trails and cabins in the woods ( via an informal general meeting).

Note: Equipment for sale or swap is the responsibility of the owner; nothing is to be left at the hall at the end of the evening.

Registration forms for the Bunnyrabbit/Jackrabbit program will be circulated in a forthcoming email. The number of participants accepted into the program is limited and the places will be allotted on a first come, first-serve basis, with priority given to previous, regularly-attending participants. TOC membership is required and can be paid at the time of registration.

Feel free to come for part or all of the evening, whatever works with your schedule.

Looking forward to see you.

Questions regarding the socializing and equipment ski/swap? Contact Susan Kastuk-Ridlington: meals@nbnet.nb.ca
Questions regarding Jackrabbit? Contact Becky Whittam: seanbeck@nb.sympatico.ca


Be Grateful to Landowners April 19, 2015

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Be nice to landowners. All of our trail system,  after you cross the Access Road, is on private land. If you see folks on ski doos or ATVs on any of our trails and are inclined to politely ask them not to go on the ski trail, please check first that it isn’t the land owner or his proxy you are chastising. Generally the only time unauthorized machines go on our trails  is after dark. If it is in the day suspect they may be the owner and best to thank them for letting us use their land.


Ski Outing 1 March March 1, 2015

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The second annual Presidential Tour will take place this Sunday, the 1st of March. We will meet at the Reservoir gate by 1:30 and aim to be at Petrie’s Folly by 2:15.
As last year the tour will head up toward Drop Off Ridge and depending on participants wishes will continue toward the Woodhurst Rd via a slightly different route than last year, or perhaps not quite so far. The distance via Yellow and returning via Blue North is about 19 km. If you go and come via the Quarry Rd it would be about 13-14 Km, as it would be if you went directly to and from Petrie’s Folly via the ATV Trail from Doncaster Pond.
The ATV trail has been packed by their groomer and the route to Woodhurst has been broken by the TOC scouting party, but neither route will be as easy going as the regular Pat-set trails( which if you haven’t been on them lately, and are still reading, are splendid). And there will be a few hills. Because the Woodhurst Rd is barely one lane there is no room to park a vehicle for those wishing to only go one way.