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March Break X-C Break February 5, 2015

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Deanna Cadman from the Town wants to organize a March Break X-C ski event similar to the cancelled Winterfest one from 1-4 p.m. on SAturday the 7th of March. It would involve helping elementary school kids into and out of skis/snow shoes and helping them around the field at Beech Hill. She is looking for someone from TOC to organize this. The usual suspects from the club are unavailable. If anyone is willing to organize this (Deanna will get skis and snow shoes from Salem), let Ross Thomas.


Updates 15 Jan 2015 January 15, 2015

Potluck Reminder at St Anne’s Church Hall, this Saturday the 17th January. Social starting at 4:45; dinner at 5:30 pm. St. Ann’s Church Hall, British Settlement.
Kate will gladly accept annual dues and hand out Membership Cards.

Cross Country NB Maritime cup races-17th January at Dieppe-Freestyle/ 18th January in Mirimichi-Classic Agegroups from 4 to really old. consult CCNB web site for details.

Woman’s ski weekend in Charlo 31st January and 1st February. Contact Barb Hurlbut barbntom@rogers.com for details. Several of our members have attended these fun and informative sessions in the past and really enjoyed the marvelous facilities in Charlo.

Susan Kastuk-Ridlington has put forms at the cabin and will have some at the potluck to try to find ways for folks who want to ski with company to get together. There is likely a simple way to do this via the TOC Facebook page and if anyone wants to enlighten me I will send out the details.

Cy and the chain saw boys have cut a lovely new 2 km loop trail which includes the new Coombs bypass(parallels Coombs Rd at the start of the Yellow). We will be doing a tour Saturday a.m., leaving from the Reservoir Gate around 0930. Look for tracks and orange flagging at the start and end of the Coombs Rd.
We are also looking for a name. So far we have Lost Lagoon Loop, Coombs Mountain Loop, and The Roundabout. If any of you poets want to suggest something equally flowery let me know.

Grooming. As you will have noted Pat packed the trails, with difficulty, last week but even with the dusting we had Monday there is not quite enough snow to set track. Our snow princesses have some sort of ritual planned for the potluck to bring on the Nor’ Easters.

See you Saturday, Ross


X-C Skiing discount at Sugarloaf Provincial Park November 21, 2014

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The Sugarloaf Provincial Park Montagnards Outdoors Club welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm the original & promising idea of the Bathurst Snow Bears NB X-Ski Clubs inter-club exchange.

After discussion, the Montagnards Club, the Sugarloaf Provincial Park Outdoors Club, has designed a 2 points offer for NB x-ski enthusiasts to enjoy the trails of THEIR Sugarloaf Provincial Park.

The Montagnards (mountaineers):

1) INVITE all membres of cross-country ski clubs in New Brunswick to a FREE OPEN DOOR Saturday February 7th, 2015 at Sugarloaf Provincial Park. A full day of skiing awaits you: chalet opening at 8 am, club members will welcome you and give you directions, ending the day with a MOONLIGHT EXCURSION (start at 6:30 pm from the Montagnards chalet, stargaze at Pritchard Lake around a campfire followed by a social evening in the chalet). PLEASE advise us if & when your Club will offer a FREE OPEN DOOR & we will advise our members.


2) OFFERS A 50% DISCOUNT ON THE ANNUAL PASS of the Sugarloaf Park’s Montagnards Club all NB X-Ski clubs 2014-2015 membership or season pass holders. Please advise your members (Print this email & post it in your lodge or send it via email to your members). Advise your members to present themselves at the Sugarloaf Park ticket office located in the main lodge basement & present their your club’s 2014-2015 membership card or season. BENEFITS offered:
A key offering indépendant access to the new Montagnards chalet (Tea, herb tea, coffee free)
An ANNUAL PASS (Winter: x-ski & snowshoeing • Summer: Mountain biking & hiking)
YOU CAN CONSULT THE PRICE OF X-SKI ANNUAL PASSES go to our Website: http://parcsugarloafpark.ca/node/23

Visit our Website to learn more about what Sugarloaf Park can offer you. http://parcsugarloafpark.ca

It will be a pleasure to welcome you at Sugarloaf Park.

Good skiing!


Weekend Ski Activities February 2, 2010

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(notes from Ross)

There is a scheduled X-C ski clinic on Saturday (6 Feb) afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30 at Beech Hill Park. If anyone is interested in helping with this by escorting people around some of the trails, helping people get boots and skis on or giving basic ski advice (how to fall and get up being perhaps the most useful) please let Ross know. You certainly don’t have to be there for the whole time. So far Peter M and Ross T are planning to be there. Also if you know people who want a few tips or to try on a set of skis ( assuming the town is bringing some extra skis as they did last year) you can send them along.

Even more exciting, we are going to have a Time Trial around the Crooked Tree Trail on Sunday (7 Feb) afternoon. This will start at 1:30 from the Ski Cabin (aka Das Rosshaus) and will involve people leaving one at a time every one to two minutes (Ross is working out the details), with faster skiers leaving first. We won’t close the trail-just ask that when you hear someone breathing down your neck or yelling “track” you step aside to let faster skiers pass. We haven’t decided on an entry fee but it will almost certainly be free. There may be prizes but no guarantees. Everyone is welcome whether it takes you 10 minutes 37 seconds, or sixty minutes. Register before 1:30 PM.

There is a blurb up on the wall of the cabin on stove operation if you have been wanting to start it or stoke it but were unsure what to do. There is a need for dry firewood – if you have a few sticks to spare you could leave them in my garage (26 Squire) or at the start of the trail by the Reservoir gate in a plastic bag and we will eventually haul it in – or leave it at the cabin.

Skiing is great although unfortunately not groomed since last snow. Todd Cole is trying to remedy this.


January Skiing Update January 22, 2010

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According to Ross, the trails are in great shape.

Saturday, 23 January is a family ski afternoon. There will be a fire on in the morning at the cabin on the crooked tree trail, so pop in all afternoon to warm up and chat.

Also don’t forget to send your membership in to Kate

If you haven’t voted on the 7 Wonders of Sackville, see the attached poster:

7 wonders poster


New Year’s Eve Ski December 31, 2009

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We are planning a New Year’s evening ski to the new cabin (Crooked Tree Trail) under the light of the full moon.

(You may want to bring a headlamp if you don’t want to ski by moonlight.)

We will have a toasty fire going for midnight. All welcome – bring some festive beverages and snacks to warm you up!

Contact Kate Bredin or Sarah Quintin for more info.

Happy New Year


Trail Maps February 19, 2009

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Beech Hill 200 KB PDF

Walker Rd & Blue Trails 268 KB PDF

Ski Map Walker Rd Updated 192 KB PDF