Trail Conditions

Fluffy Friday/Presidential Tour

Bucky will try to groom later this afternoon, as long as it is not too sticky. And that is certainly a risk today as the snow is fluffy and not yet saturated with water or re-frozen. At present, in the backyard lab, no sticking but as temps hit 1 degree, Cinderella beware. Bring a scraper(you can also use your ski edge) and try to slide your feet, not lift them. Glide will be 1.5-2/4 and quiet, skins and waxless will grip nicely.
Karin and Kate (the “co-presidents”) will be leading a guided group ski this Saturday February 3 at 1:00 pm, starting from the quarry entrance on Walker Road. If you are new to the trails, or like company when you ski, this is your chance! You do not need to be a fast skier at all, but you need to be comfortable(ish) with a 7-9 km ski, and with some hills. This is also a great opportunity if you haven’t been out yet and need a bit of a push to get your skis on! Email to let her know you are joining.