Trail Conditions


There will be a few hours this morning of winter skiing with a few cm of fresh snow and cold enough for wax to grip nicely until it hits zero late morning. Glide will likely be 2-2.5 as the snow was wet yesterday so will be a bit faster than usual new snow. For the same reason the stick risk is low. The old track was catchy yesterday but the new snow will lessen this. Bucky was unable to get to the groomer yesterday so plans to head out this a.m. so it should be another glorious day onthe slopes. It is unbelieveable how much snow there still is in the woods! If you head to the Quarry Road and the cable is down, you can likely safely park in the lower Quarry and start from the start of LeRond, but be gone by 4 p.m. when they usually lock up the cable again