Trail Conditions

From the lab

One would think that skiing would be soft and slow and silken today with the new falling snow, and although that is all true, it will also at some point be sticky. In the backyard lab it is on the verge but there may be an hour or two of grace up the hill. If you want to mitigate risk of sticking, and the inevitible bad language it predisposes to you can spray your skis with anti stick product or silicone waterproof spray, avoid lifting your feet and instead keep them sliding, and by all means bring a scraper. Once it has been above zero for several hours, and particularly if there is some rain, then things should be OK, or you could just wait until temps drop and the full moon starts to rise this evening, and if you do, say Hi to Wade and Tammy. We will try and groom Friday morning once things have cooled off.