Trail Conditions


Bucky is going to flat groom the CTT again. This proved a popular skate skiing venue although there were complaints that skating uphill is hard! I imagine Bucky’s grooming will fix the gravity issues and you will be able to coast up those slopes by mid day!. I think it is getting too iffy for the groomer to venture toward Don Pond for fear it might disappear into one of the wet spots which are now almost snow free. It is still possible to ski this way but there is bare ground at the foot of the first hill and ice and bare ground on the second so be cautious. Still lots of snow on Yellow, LeRond and Blue and those who actually believe what I’m saying have been enjoying some lovely afternoon spring skiing while we wait for it to get warm enough to get the bikes out, although there a few of you, I know, who have never put them away. Cheers,