Trail Conditions

Grooming Gracefully, Be Gratious

Bucky is heading out after 1000 hr to freshen up the trails and fill in dips and divits. By now he has discovered most of the devilish ditches and may he remain above them. I predict glide will remain around 2.5/4 as it was last evening, slowing this afternoon as warmer temps bring out more water and once above zero, more slowing suction(vs more slippery glide below zero). If Mr Sun decides to peak out, warming will be more uneven and one will need to be wary of slower sunny spots and faster shady spots. Not a big deal on the flats but if you are zooming down a shaded hill into bright sunshine, you may find your skis suddenly decelerating whilst the remainder of your being continues it’s descent unabated, ending with the inglorious face plant/snow face wash etc…. I notice there have been walkers around Doncaster Pond. Although normally skiers will ask walkers to get off the trail, I strongly urge you to do this politely, and to first make sure you are not telling landowners what to do on their land. All the ski trails beyond the Access Road are on private land and we ski there at the pleasure of these generous folks. Have fun,