Trail Conditions

Grooming Report for Sunday

Bucky has been out since the crack of dawn on the sled.
Beech Hill is groomed and he has been able to make a great track in fairly soft granular snow so likely to have the most forgiving conditions today. Best to walk to where the road beyond the gates divides and put skis on there, although you need to be very cautious getting there as any previously tromped snow is very icy.
He will likely do the Walker road trails two or three times to get enough snow ground up to make some sort of track. This loose snow will help slow things a bit and make it possible to snow plow but with all the snow now granular and still water in it, glide should be 3 out of 4 and may increase as the track gets compacted.
The Walker road has been sanded tho is a bit rutted, and climbing the bank at Quarry road quite slippy.
If you want to skate ski or try untracked skiing, the ski doo trails have been freshly groomed this morning(not the ATV trails tho which are rock hard). I would avoid these trails after 1100 or so when the ski doos tend to start prowling about, and be ready to jump off the trail at short notice. Finally, a reminder that the Jack Rabbits will be out again from 1-3 and though there is less of a crowding issue today, many of you will prefer to ski after or before this time. Cheers,